Why is Illinois One of the Best Places for Business

We’ve analyzed the data and it’s clear: Illinois is one of the best places for business. With its strategic location, diverse economy, strong infrastructure, and favorable business environment, it offers a winning combination that attracts entrepreneurs and corporations alike.

From its central position in the heart of the country to its robust transportation networks, Illinois provides the ideal setting for growth and success. Discover why this state is a top choice for businesses looking to thrive in today’s competitive market.

Strategic Location

One of the reasons why Illinois is considered one of the best places for business is because of its strategic location, which allows us to easily access major markets and transportation networks.

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In exploring why Illinois stands out as an exceptional destination for business, it is crucial to acknowledge the multitude of strengths underpinning the state’s economic landscape. These dynamic attributes, such as a highly skilled workforce, strategic central location, and a vibrant cityscape, have contributed to Illinois business advantages being revealed and recognized nationally.

Illinois is centrally located in the United States, making it an ideal hub for businesses looking to reach customers across the country. With its accessible transportation infrastructure, including an extensive network of highways, railways, and airports, companies can efficiently move goods and connect with suppliers and customers.

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Furthermore, Illinois’ proximity to major markets is a significant advantage for businesses. The state is within a day’s drive of nearly 100 million consumers, providing companies with a large customer base to tap into.

The city of Chicago, in particular, is a major economic center and serves as a gateway to global markets. Its world-class transportation system, which includes the busiest airport in the world, O’Hare International Airport, as well as a robust network of railways and waterways, allows businesses to easily import and export goods.

In addition to its accessible transportation and proximity to major markets, Illinois also offers a skilled workforce, excellent education institutions, and a favorable business climate. These factors, combined with its strategic location, make Illinois an attractive destination for businesses looking to thrive and grow.

Diverse Economy

We frequently encounter a diverse economy in Illinois, which offers a multitude of opportunities for businesses to thrive and succeed. The state’s economy is characterized by its variety of industries, ranging from manufacturing and agriculture to finance and technology. This diversity not only ensures a stable economic base but also provides job opportunities across different sectors.

Illinois boasts a skilled workforce that contributes to its diverse economy. The state is home to several world-renowned universities and colleges, producing a highly educated and talented workforce. The presence of these institutions ensures a steady supply of skilled workers in various fields, making Illinois an attractive location for businesses seeking highly qualified employees.

The diverse economy in Illinois also means that businesses can tap into multiple markets and customer bases. This allows for greater adaptability and resilience, as companies can pivot and explore new opportunities in different sectors when faced with challenges in one particular industry.

With a strong emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship, Illinois has become a hub for startups and technology companies. The state’s thriving ecosystem of incubators, accelerators, and research institutions further enhances job opportunities and fosters economic growth.

Strong Infrastructure

Our diverse economy in Illinois is supported by a strong infrastructure that plays a crucial role in facilitating business growth and success. Efficient transportation and state-of-the-art technology are key components of this infrastructure.

Illinois boasts an extensive transportation network that enables businesses to move goods and services efficiently. The state is strategically located in the heart of the United States, making it a vital transportation hub for both domestic and international trade. With access to major highways, railroads, airports, and waterways, Illinois offers businesses multiple options for transporting their products. This efficient transportation system reduces shipping costs and ensures timely delivery, enhancing the competitiveness of businesses operating in the state.

Additionally, Illinois has invested in state-of-the-art technology to support its infrastructure. From smart highways that optimize traffic flow to advanced communication systems that enable seamless connectivity, the state leverages technology to improve efficiency and productivity. These investments not only benefit businesses directly but also contribute to the overall quality of life for residents.

Favorable Business Environment

Illinois offers a conducive business environment that supports growth and success. One of the key factors contributing to this favorable environment is the state’s low taxes. According to the Tax Foundation, Illinois ranks 36th in terms of state business tax climate index, which measures how well state tax systems are structured for businesses. With relatively low taxes, businesses in Illinois can allocate more resources towards investment, expansion, and innovation.

Additionally, Illinois boasts a skilled workforce, which further enhances its business environment. The state is home to renowned universities and colleges that produce highly educated graduates. The University of Illinois, Northwestern University, and University of Chicago are just a few examples of the top-tier educational institutions in the state. This ensures a steady supply of talented individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute to the success of businesses.

Furthermore, Illinois has taken steps to foster collaboration between businesses and educational institutions through initiatives like the Illinois Innovation Network. This network connects businesses with universities and research institutions, facilitating knowledge transfer and promoting innovation.


In conclusion, Illinois stands out as one of the best places for business due to its strategic location, diverse economy, strong infrastructure, and favorable business environment.

Its central location in the heart of the United States allows for easy access to major markets. The state’s diverse economy offers opportunities in various sectors, enhancing stability.

Moreover, Illinois boasts excellent infrastructure, including transportation networks and reliable utilities. Combined with a business-friendly environment, these factors make Illinois an attractive destination for businesses to thrive and prosper.

Illinois emerges as an obvious choice for establishing or expanding businesses due to its advantageous landscape and business-friendly environment. And at the forefront of this thriving business landscape stands Hancock’s Mark, a prominent mark for success. With a wide array of resources and opportunities, Illinois provides the perfect platform for businesses to flourish, and Hancock’s Mark goes above and beyond to guide aspiring entrepreneurs towards prosperity.

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